Turmeric Supreme: Pain- 120 LPC

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Gaia Herbs- Turmeric Supreme: Pain 120 LPC

This herbal formula combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts to support a healthy pain response.* Feverfew, Devil’s Claw, and Ginger have each been studied for their role in supporting the body’s reaction to occasional pain.* Black Pepper extract is included for increased absorption and bioavailability of curcumins.* For thousands of years Turmeric has been valued in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India. Today, science has identified compounds in Turmeric, curcumins in particular, which support healthy inflammatory function— maintaining overall health and vitality.*

Feverfew has been used by traditional herbalists for many common health complaints from headaches to minor aches and pains. Its common name is a derivation of the term, “febrifuge” a substance that modulates fever. The principal measured component of feverfew is parthenolide, one of several sesquiterpene lactones. In Canada regulations call for a minimum of 0.2 percent parthenolide in feverfew products, but the official French pharmacopoeia specifies a minimum of 0.1 percent. Parthenolide levels vary greatly, but most leaves from feverfew grown in North America contain less than 0.1 percent. Much of this variation is due to improper validation of species as there are many sub species of Feverfew which are far less active. Feverfew also contains flavonoid glycosides, particularly apigenin and luteolin. Some analysis also reports that Melatonin is a component of feverfew leaves. Parthenolides have been the focus of much research and do show promise for supporting the traditional uses of feverfew.

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