Pines- Organic Barley Grass 500 tablets

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PINES Barley Grass 500 Tablets (Certified Organic)
Barley grass is sprouted from barley seeds and is best consumed by juicing the grass sprouts (at 3 to 7 days old) to produce a powerful fresh green juice elixir. It is also available in powder form (spray-dried barley grass) and is very easily digested by the body.  Consuming Barley grass has also shown to balance the pH of the body. The average Western diet is fairly acidic especially when large quantities of processed foods are eaten. Raised acidity in the body is linked to many diseases and general ill-health. Barley grass is very alkalizing and useful for helping the cells in the body function optimally.
PINES Barley Grass Tablets are an incredibly convenient, surprisingly economical way to make sure you eat green vegetables every day! And this is our most popular size, offering a month's supply in a single jar.

Servings: 70 (about a one-month supply)

Size: 500 tablets
We recommend 2 to 3 servings per day.
Serving Size: 7 tablets / Tablet Size: 500 mg

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