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Lane Labs- Warmi 90 caps  Better Menopause Relief

Better Menopause Relief*

Warmi provides safe, natural, full spectrum menopause support. Warmi is a unique vegetable and fruit extract supplement, containing 85% organic ingredients in a vegetable capsule. Warmi goes beyond typical hot flash and night sweat relief, also benefiting mood, hormonal balance, heart and bone health and sexual quality of life. Clinically tested safe and effective in over 200 women.*

Warmi features a proprietary clinically-tested blend of vegetable and fruit extracts. These extracts provide beneficial nutrients such as glucosinates, B-sitosterol and hesperidin. 85% of the ingredients in Warmi are USDA certified organic, provided in a vegetable capsule.

Warmi contains NO estrogen, soy, isoflavones, gluten, wheat, milk, eggs, lactose or animal products. Warmi may be suitable for those with certain food allergies or sensitive systems.

A woman’s view on menopause is partially linked to the severity of her menopausal complications. Some women experience little to no menopausal problems. Others may need assistance. Warmi provides safe, natural, full spectrum menopause relief. Warmi is made from vegetable and fruit extracts largely organic and 100% vegetarian. Warmi contains no estrogen, soy, isoflavones, sugar, lactose orgluten and may be ideal for those with sensitive systems. Benefits have been noted as little as 30 days.*

  • Night Sweats/Hot Flashes*
  • Cardiovascular*
  • Vaginal Dryness*
  • Hormonal Balance*
  • Bone Health*
  • Intercourse Discomfort*
  • Mood*
  • Sexuality*
  • Quality of Life*

Most natural supplements for menopause contain either black cohosh, soy, ginseng, red clover, dong quai or their extracts. While certainly some people claim menopause symptom benefits from these different ingredients, controlled clinical studies make a less enthusiastic case. Researchers generally agree that no menopause ingredient is consistently effective for reducing vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats. In fact, recent US NIH backed trials found the ingredients in popular menopause supplements to be no more effective than taking a placebo (sugar pill).


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