IntraXCell 180 caps

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Introducing IntraXCell, The World's First Beta-Alanine, Carnosine Boosting Formula in convenient capsule form.
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IntraXCell 180 cap

Introducing IntraXCell, The World's First Beta-Alanine, Carnosine Boosting Formula in convenient capsule form.

Athletic Edge Nutrition, The Nutrient Timing Specialists, is pleased to introduce IntraXCell, the biggest scientific breakthrough in physique enhancement and athletic performance since creatine. We have scientifically formulated IntraXCell with precise doses of four key ingredients that work synergistically to increase intramuscular Carnosine and Glutathione levels, which boosts strength, lean muscle mass and fights muscular fatigue at the cellular level.

The Result: Explosive Strength and Endurance, forcing lean muscle gains, physique improvements and muscular GROWTH lean muscle gains.

Intracellular Carnosine Levels and Fight Muscular Fatigue & Metabolic Acidosis.

Improve healthy blood flow to working muscle, resulting in extreme muscle fullness and vascularity

Naturally boost the power antioxidant glutathione and fight cellular fatigue.

Boost Strength and Increase Lean Muscle Gains with IntraXCell!

When you exercise or train at a high intensity, your muscles increase their production of hydrogen ions (H+) which lowers muscular pH, making them more acidic. This increase in musclular acidity (also called metabolic acidosis) directly interferes with muscular contraction, energy (ATP) production and increases fatigue, all factors that cause your performance to plummet. While muscle acidity has certainly proven to decrease strength and contribute to muscular fatigue, new research is now showing that exercise-induced intracellular free radical production is another source of muscular fatigue. The combination of muscular acidity and increased free radical production greatly diminishes your performance during exercise, stopping your workouts cold and interfering with lean muscle gains.

Fortunately, Athletic Edge Nutrition has developed a tool you can use to combat intracellular acidity and free radical production, pushing your performance, physique and results to the next level.

IntraXCell works to Boosts Strength, Fight Cellular Fatigue and Increase Lean Muscle Gains in two ways:

1. Contains research supported Beta-Alanine, which effectively boosts intramuscular
carnosine levels, which works to fight/buffer fatigue-causing Hydrogen Ions, allowing for extreme muscular strength, power and endurance.

2. Increases production of the power antioxidant glutathione with N-acetyl- cystine (NAC)Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Glutathione is a power antioxidant in your muscle cells that can improve exercise performance by preventing damaging free radicals than can cause cellular fatigue.

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