Baby DHA 2oz. unflavored

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bulSupports the proper development of the brain, eyes, and
   nervous and immune systems in babies 5–35 lbs*

bul Supports learning and language abilities*

bulWith added natural vitamin D3 for further support of
    healthy development*

bulThe measured dropper makes it easy to add to formula or food 


Made from our Gold Standard 100% Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA is a safe and effective way to ensure that growing babies 5–35 lbs get the DHA they need for healthy development.* With the measured dropper, Baby’s DHA can be easily added to formula or food. 



Body Weight      Dose
5–10 lb  1 mL
11–20 lb  2 mL
21–25 lb  3 mL
26–35 lb  4 mL





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