ASAP22 Plus Nano Silver Solution 8oz. 22ppm

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American Biotech Labs ASAP Solution Plus 22 ppm is an extra-strength silver suspension product.
Part Number: ABL-78

ASAP Plus Nano Silver 8 oz.

American Biotech Labs ASAP Solution Plus 22 ppm is an extra-strength silver suspension product.  It has over twice the unique silver content as the regular ASAP Solution® 10 ppm product, and is stronger than is usually needed to help boost the immune system.  It is designed for those people who feel rundown and decide that they need some extra-strength help.  According to government guidelines on silver safety, a normal sized adult could safely consume up to four teaspoons of the ASAP Solution Plus product every day of their entire life, with no adverse effects.  Extra-strength and safe to use!

Not All Silver is Created Equal

There are hundreds of types of silver products on the market today. Most are ionic or colloidal preparations, few have been EPA approved. Most work by chemical action, meaning that they have to have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. American Biotech Labs (ABL) has engineered a new technology. This new technology kills bacteria by catalytic action, not by chemical action. Because of this technology, ABL can get kill rates on bacteria and other pathogens that other silver products cannot match, as with the ASAP-AGX-32® disinfectant product. The potential applications of this technology are vast and far reaching into many markets worldwide. ABL’s product lines currently include dietary supplements and Government approved hospital and home disinfectants. A number of new products are also under development.

Unique Fingerprint

Work completed so far indicates that American Biotech Labs’ products are distinguishable from every other silver product tested. The unique structure/composition of the products, inherently results from the already patented manufacturing process.

More Effective Product / Top Material Scientist

This unique structure/composition of American Biotech Labs’ silver products results in different efficacy when compared to existing silver products. Tests have been directed by one of the leading materials science laboratory in the world at the Pennsylvania State University, under the personal direction of Professor Rustum Roy, who is regarded as one of the top materials scientists in the world. Testing was also performed by distinguished scientists at Arizona State University (and other locations), all of which have been under the direction of Professor Roy. This work may help explain why American Biotech Labs’ products are so much more effective at very low concentration levels of silver, when compared to other silver products, some of which contain hundreds of times higher concentrations of silver.

Testing Continues

American Biotech Labs works with numerous independent laboratories, institutions, and some government groups worldwide with continuous ongoing testing of American Biotech Labs’ products. Over 50 studies have been completed to date.  Work completed thus far includes seven safety studies, antibiotic comparison studies, antibiotic additive studies, thousands of bacterial tests, numerous tests against virus including some flu virus, and numerous studies against other
pathogens like yeast and black mold.  Testing also includes four studies with one of the AmericanBiotech Labs’ supplement products against the malaria protozoa, and independent human studies from four hospitals in Africa.

The results of the majority of these independent studies have not been released to the public; however, some of the data has been released to certain groups, as well as in a congressional testimony (April 2005).  Some test work has also been released in other countries where the foreign government allows citizens to obtain positive information on the non-drug-related products they with to utilize.

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